Akzara Wellness Center

Ritual Renacer - Akzara Spa Medellin!

$230.000 COP

* Level your body and mind with our relaxing massage, enjoy deep tranquility and reconnect with inner peace in our bubble bath *

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Ritual Reborn One (1) person $ 230,000 $ 315,000
Refreshing Pineapple Smoothie welcome drink
Relaxing facial ritual with * anti-stress head massage * / * Scrub and facial hydration * to eliminate dead cells / * Moisturizing facial masks * that will restore the luminosity to your face / * Revitalizing body massage, * you will feel rest from head to toe. / * Hydration of feet, * recover softness / * Hydration of hands, * recover the beauty of your hands / * Bubble bath and salts in our Jacuzzi, * you will feel the benefits of hydrotherapy throughout your body. / * Special drink * / * Snacks * / Use of gowns, towels and sandals / Soaps / Shampoo
Duration 3 hours
Reserve for your companion and receive 25% Off on the offer price + glasses of wine ...
Ritual Renacer One person + Chocolate therapy special price! $ 255,000
Add Body Chocolate Therapy
Duration 3.2 hours

Ritual Renacer Two people 20% additional discount on offer! $ 440,000 (or $ 367,500 Online payment only)
Add Ritual for Two + Glasses of Red or Rosé Wine
Duration 3 hours

Ritual Renacer Two people + Chocolate therapy special price! $ 417,500
Add Ritual for Two + Body Chocolate Therapy + Glasses of Red or Rosé Wine
Duration 3.5 hours

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