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Ritual Milkbath - Luxury Day Spa

$469.000 COP

Ritual Milkbath


  • With chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus
  • An exquisite gift for yourself or for whoever you want.
  • Your senses will be pampered in a space of absolute relaxation, where you will receive a warm oil massage all over your body.
  • You will enjoy a warm bath of milk and essential oils, promoting rest and hydration of your skin.

It includes:

✨ Welcome drink (to choice)
✨ Aromatherapy and cranial massage
✨ Body scrub based on honey and salts.
✨Special moisturizing massage with warm sweet almond and coconut oil 🥥 full body, 60 minutes
✨Massage with coconut on the back
✨ Exclusive warm bath of milk and essential oils.
✨ Glass of sangria or fruit smoothie
✨ Snacks
To enjoy your ritual we provide you with robes, towels and sandals, please come with a bathing suit.

Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes

Benefit of the Milk Bath

1- Softness

Milk baths have the peculiarity of leaving the skin especially soft. This is because the fat and protein in milk provide that quality to the water. In addition, milk also acts as an exfoliant, giving it extra softness.

2- Relaxation

If a bath with water already relaxes us, one with milk even more so.

3- Appearance

To the softness of the skin we have to add the impeccable appearance that the milk bath gives it. This is due to the lactic acid and vitamin A in the milk, which helps eliminate dead cells and ends up leaving the skin soft and smooth. Lactic acid is also toning and helps restore skin firmness.

4- Youth

Milk is also a powerful skin anti-aging agent, as it is capable of stimulating collagen production.

5- Irritation

If you have irritated skin, milk can help lighten red spots on your skin due to allergic reactions.

Milkbath Ritual / One (1) person $469,000 $510,000

A virtual Gift Certificate will be sent to your email or for you to give away or reserve whenever you want...

If you require it personalized, please contact us via WhatsApp after making your purchase.

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