Obsequio Bouquet de Flores + Domicilio!

Natural Ritual - Special Gift for Mom Bouquet of Flowers!

$339.000 COP

Natural Ritual One person - Special for Mom! $339,000
Created to soothe the senses, gently wrap the body in calm, and encourage positivity
This treatment offers two restorative, gentle and supportive experiences for the mind and body:
Harmonizing experience + Facial experience Inner beauty

Virtual Gift Certificate - Gift Card to enjoy:

🍃🍹 Tension melts away as the warm quartz stones glide over the skin, promoting a sense of calm.
🍃💆‍♂️ The renovating foot ritual restores energy balance, while softening and moisturizing them while enjoying a delicious drink accompanied by a delicious snack.
🍃💆‍♂️ Our craniofacial massage eliminates accumulated stress generating a sense of calm and tranquility
🍃🍓 The rich and nutritious natural shea and soy oils of the handmade thermal candle relax and nourish your skin while you enjoy our Akzara body massage
🍃💙 Enjoy our Inner Beauty Facial Experience, which expertly combines the most appropriate methods of deep cleansing, facial massage, nourishing and moisturizing masks according to the needs of your skin
Duration 3 hours

SPECIAL GIFT Bouquet of Flowers for Mom + Personalized Gift Certificate

Book this service for two people and receive 30% Off on the offer price for 1 person + JP Chenet Bottle...

Natural Ritual One person + Steam Bath! $379,000
Add therapy in Turkish Steam Bath
Duration 3 hours 30 minutes

Natural Ritual One person + Bubble bath! $409,000
Add bubble bath therapy
Duration 3 hours 50 minutes

A virtual Gift Certificate will be sent to your email or WhatsApp so you can give it away or book whenever you want...  

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