Akzara Wellness Center

Romance Ritual - Akzara Spa Special!

$325.000 COP ( $570.000 COP )

FREE Gift Certificate - Gift Card* to give + Sweet gift to enjoy:

The special offer for Valentine's Day is available for only 162,500 pesos per person

Normal price: 285,000 pesos per person

In this season of love, we want to offer you an experience of well-being and deep connection.

Introducing our exclusive Valentine's Day package, designed to make you feel special and completely in love.

Refreshing Welcome:
• Start with a glass of champagne that awakens your senses, immersing you in a cozy and calm atmosphere

Sensory Relaxation:
• The decoration with rose petals and candles in the relaxation space creates an environment that stimulates the senses and promotes relaxation

Diffusion of Eucalyptus aromas:
• We will begin the session with the gentle diffusion of the fresh and revitalizing aroma of eucalyptus. This initial step will prepare your mind and body for the experience that follows.

Personalized Massage for Two – 60 minutes
• Enjoy a relaxing massage adapted to your preferences. Our expert therapists will guide you through an experience that fuses self-care, relaxation and loving connection.

Exfoliation with Sea Salts and Essential Oils – 15 minutes
• Our special scrub, made with sea salts and essential oils, will be applied with gentle movements to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal throughout the body

We are excited to be part of this special day for you, the perfect occasion to strengthen love!


Romance Ritual + Bouquet of Flowers! $456,000

If you want to give this Ritual as a gift, you can request that a physical Gift Certificate be sent to the location you want, you will only have to pay the shipping value or we can send a virtual Gift Certificate totally free to your email or WhatsApp for you to gift or reserve whenever you want...

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