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Roots Ritual - Luxury Day Spa

$579.000 COP

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Roots Ritual


The Roots Ritual is a tribute to Colombian nature, an enjoyment of tropical aromas and touches of eucalyptus.

Enjoy our salt scrub, which prepares you to receive the roots massage. During the massage, we draw the roots and leaves of the Colombian jungle on the body, giving it a feeling of tranquility and connection with the feeling of peace.

You will also enjoy details such as crackling mist that will transport you to the peaceful sea, to the sound of the waves and our warm pindas will transport you to the walk on the wet sand that rests your feet.


Welcome drink
🍃 Body scrub with salts and coffee
🍃Roots massage for 80 minutes
🍃Therapy with warm relaxing pindas on the back
🍃🍍 🍓 🍉 Mix of tropical fruits
🍃🍹 🍍 Refreshing fruit smoothie
🍃💦 🛁 At the end of our roots massage, enjoy our wet area (jacuzzi and Sauna) for 60 minutes, while you enjoy the snacks
🍃To enjoy your ritual we provide you with robes, towels and sandals, please attend with a bathing suit.

Duration 3 hours approx

Roots Ritual / One (1) person $579,000 $650,000

Roots Ritual / Two (2) people $879,000 $1,200,000
Duration 3 hours

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