Akzara Wellness Center

Bride To Be Ritual - Akzara Spa Special!

$730.000 COP

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Bride To Be Ritual / Special Akzara Spa One (1) person $730,000 $850,000
🍃 In our special pre-wedding ritual you can enjoy different treatments that will help you restore your energy and look totally relaxed, luminous and rested on your wedding day 🍃

💍 Welcome drink (bottle of water, coffee or aromatic)
💍 💆🏻‍♀ Revitalization and facial illumination facial treatment performed with superior quality products from GERMAINE CAPUCCINI. Professional and highly specialized products that will immediately restore softness and luminosity to your face.
💍 💆🏻‍♀ Hair massage and relaxing body massage with personalized pressure, done with shea candle that will level your energies and give your body deep hydration.
💍Hot stone therapy to level your body's energy
💍Use of our totally private wet areas (jacuzzi, Turkish and water circuit)
💍🍾 Champagne bottle
💍 🍒Snacks
To enjoy your ritual we provide you with robes, towels and sandals, please come with a bathing suit.

Duration 4

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