Important Information for your Reservation

-You should always wear the provided sandals as you may encounter uneven wood in wet areas that may hurt your feet.

-The proper use of the glassware provided is the responsibility of each client. We are not responsible for poor handling that may result in self-harm such as a cut when breaking a glass or container.

-The use of the space to leave the car is complimentary, Grupo Akzara is not responsible for damages, theft or similar in this area.

-The use of your locker is important, to guarantee the order and care of your belongings, please use it.

-It is not permitted to ingest hallucinogenic substances or any type of drugs within the establishment.

-Avoid manipulating buttons, knobs or similar that could cause damage, as they will be charged to your account (sauna knob, Turkish knob, etc.).

-Broken items, such as cups, glasses or plates, must be replaced and will be charged to your account, please make good use of them.

-You are not allowed to move around the facilities without your robe, please wear it.