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Luxury Facial Nutrition - Women's Month Special!

$280.000 COP

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Price: $280,000 pesos 3 20,000

Treatment indicated for dry or dehydrated skin. The skin is treated with products that contain hyaluronic acid in its 3 molecular weights and when applied to the skin, it generates a film that maintains moisture on the face, penetrates the skin deeper into the epidermis and stimulates the formation of new hyaluronic acid, improving signs of aging and skin quality.

In this treatment you will receive a deep cleansing beforehand and everything will be accompanied by a relaxing anti-aging facial massage.

Upon completion you will immediately notice the luminosity and vitality in your face.

Discounted price: $280,000
Regular price: $320,000

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Suitable for sensitive skin

Includes special red fruit welcome drink🍹

Duration 90 minutes


Luxury Facial Nutrition + Relaxation Massage (Body Scrub Gift) $370,000
Full body relaxation massage
Reflexology in hands and feet
Craniofacial massage
Hot stone therapy or bamboo therapy
Disposable toiletry and lingerie kit (Massage kit for men or women, robes, towels and sandals)
GIFT Oat-based Body Scrub
Duration 150 minutes (2.5 hours)

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