Akzara Spa

Petit Facial Akzara - Akzara Spa Medellín!

$70.000 COP

Normal price: 70 thousand pesos

Virtual Gift Certificate - Gift Card to enjoy:

Professional facial sanitization is a staple of facial treatments 🍃 We perform intense exfoliation and provide oxygenating active ingredients through nourishing facial masks, which bring the skin to its natural balance, restoring softness and smoothness.
Includes special welcome drink
Duration 35 minutes


Petit Facial Akzara + Relaxation massage (Body Scrub Gift) $149,000
Full body relaxation massage
Reflexology in hands and feet
Craniofacial massage
Hot stone therapy or bamboo therapy
GIFT Body Scrub based on oats
Duration 100 minutes

Certificado de Regalo - GIFT CARD: We will send you a gift certificate to the address you request... To book you just need to choose the date and time you want to do your service and call us at +57 3003208295, and we will gladly book your services with all the details you want.